Top Web Hosting

Companies around the world compete, day and night, to be called a Top Web Hosting provider. There are more kinds of web hosting customer today, than ever before. The oldest, most successful companies sit in the top 10s of the web hosting charts, in every category, every month.

But new names never stop working for the piece of the pie. The web is still young. Competitive offers, good reviews, and a growing history of satisfaction, means new opportunities daily – for web hosting businesses, and for you – to rise to the top.

”Tried and True,” or ”In on the Ground Floor?” Many web hosting gurus will choose to stay with a small number of providers, either for life, or until something compels them away. The benefits of a long customer relationship, and having all your web sites in one control panel, can outweigh the benefits of taking the best temporary discount.

But taking a smart chance with a newer host might pay off, too, if your introductory discount is promised to be a lifetime price. Your hosting plan could be grandfathered at an extremely low price, long after your provider gets rated a top web host…

I generally recommend new webmasters stick with hosts you can trust. So, let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of relying exclusively on the top web hosting providers:

Why buy from a top web hosting provider? The web is powerful and young, and it’s not hard to get started in the business, given the right skills. So, there are opportunities. But web hosting also provides opportunities for scams. It’s easy for scam artists to set up a flashy website, sell enough hosting plans to make a quick buck, and then disappear.

And, the top of the web hosting mountain is a tall place to reach – some companies find out they can’t compete, forcing their clients to look elsewhere for service.

That’s why new customers, who don’t know the lay of the landscape, shop smartest if they shop around. Top web hosting results, for the customer, are a combination of server and bandwidth capacity, tech staff experience, and customer service policies.

So how do you avoid trial and error as you shop around, and how do you choose between the various top web hosting providers?

What to expect: One thing to keep in mind, and learn how to see past: no matter what class of plans a top web host prefers to sell, they’ll claim all customers are equally valued. If a web host specializes in VPS plans, but also offers shared hosting, the marketing for shared hosting will be just as appealing…

But which ads are most numerous?

If you’re considering, for example, shared plans at a top web hosting provider that seems to focus on VPS plans, click around and find out: Do the shared plans ever get advertised at the top of the web hosting service’s homepage? How detailed is the help information for shared plans? Are the prices competitive for shared plans, compared to most other established web hosting companies? Figure out how high a priority your business will be, based on how big a priority your selected product is. Balance it against the price as you make your decision.