Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting is easy to find. Almost any good web host who also sells domains, will offer a low-low price for some basic, shared web hosting. Many others will offer as little as US $2-5 for shared web hosts, with no domain purchase necessary.

At the cheapest end, you may be forced to run ads on your website. In all cases, cheap web hosting presents limits on what technology and capacity your site can use. But if your site has modest needs, cheap web hosting gets you started at prices almost-as-good as free!

Because cheap web hosting is readily available everywhere, the biggest factor for you becomes: is cost the first priority, or the only priority? Read on to understand what I mean…

Why buy cheap web hosting? Web hosting gives you real control over your website. Compared to most free offers, a cheap host is often enough to run do-it-yourself web apps, like a blog or a shopping system. If you want to learn web-related skills yourself, your Facebook page can’t help with that.

In short, if you’re learning any web profession, from technology to design, a cheap web hosting account is an easy, necessary investment. And if you’d like to run any sort of business-related website someday, a cheap host allows you to try the alternatives yourself, without paying business host prices.

What to Expect: First, let’s explain why I’m not talking about free web hosting:

Free web hosts do exist. Some are genuine, ad-supported web hosting accounts, offered by registrars, usually after you buy a domain. However, they are very limited, and come with virtually no support. Forget PHP or JSP – these sites often can’t even hold more than a few pictures. The occasional free host which starts out generous, will soon over-exert their costs, and either reduce that generosity, or suffer bad performance for free users.

Aside from that, various companies like Google and WordPress each offer their web apps for free – but only their locked-in specific system, and nothing else. This gets you a blog or document publishing tool, which is great for many personal uses. There are also free profiles attached to feature-filled social sites, ranging from activity-based sites like Reddit and SoundCloud, to all-encompassing sites like Facebook.

In short, there are ways to get a website for free, so long as you only want what those sites offer. That’s fine if you don’t really need your website. If you do need your website, certainly it’s worth a few dollars a month, right?

Even at the lowest end of the cost spectrum, expect to find cheap web hosting offers with real potential. Cheaply-hosted sites slow down as they become popular, but the same tech, such as web apps and active server scripts, are often possible. The bigger the hosting company, the more you’ll often get for free – because a taste of real power in the cheap hosting plans, makes you want to upgrade later.

Costs: Cheap web hosting sits in the US $2.99 to US $14.99 range. Make sure the plan you buy provides technology features you’ll actually use – you can’t run Joomla or WordPress without PHP, for example. If you don’t know which plan you want now, go cheap – the upgrade is usually painless.