Budget Web Hosting

Budget Web Hosting plans are usually the lower-cost tier in a group of services. For example, a company that offers VPS hosting might have three or more tiers of plans, geared for customers at different states of online growth. A budget web hosting plan is typically geared for new websites or new webmasters. They’ll usually offer all the same technologies, but at lower capacity.

This means buyers of budget web hosting plans can build the same web sites as customers with higher-tier plans. It’s only the site’s growth that’s limited. Budget web hosting plans can always be upgraded, at the best hosting companies. Such upgrades should take you, the customer, no more steps than simply ordering the upgrade, and waiting for your budget hosting plan to be re-provisioned with the new capacity.

Why buy budget web hosting? The most obvious reason to start at the budget level of web hosting plans, is a question of your experience. Specifically, how experienced are you at launching the kinds of web site you’re about to launch?

If you’re not experienced, it’s going to take longer than you think. Just make sure the upgrade from budget web hosting to a more ”launch-ready” plan is painless. If so, there’s little point paying more for a better plan, while your website is in the build and launch phases.

Even if you are experienced, a budget web hosting plan might be enough for the long term, if your website isn’t expected to server thousands of users in the near future. Budget plans will slow down under heavy load, and your capacity may not be guaranteed at all hours of the day. But for dozens or hundreds of users, a budget web hosting plan can carry some sites comfortably for years.

What to expect: Most budget web hosting plans are very similar to their higher-tier counterparts. The main difference will usually be capacity. The exception will be web hosts that offer budget plans with fewer features, at an even lower cost.

If you go with a stripped-down budget web hosting plan, be sure your web techies can do the job despite the missing features. Be sure you really won’t need the services you’re skipping – you might save a couple of dollars each month, but you may also have to upgrade to a fuller-featured plan before you can even get your site off the ground!

Costs: A budget web hosting plan shouldn’t run more than US $5 with strong features, or US $2-3 with limited features. Web hosting prices fall as computers get more advanced and web hosting techniques mature; so this price may go down, instead of up, over time. And don’t forget, many hosts will offer something akin to their budget web hosting plans for free, along with your domain name purchase.