Affordable Web Hosting

Affordable Web Hosting is everywhere. As we’ve explained elsewhere on Web Hosting Australia, the options vary widely, within the space of a few dollars:

Free, but limited, web hosting. These are ad-supported, or app-specific. Shared hosting plans, ranging about US $2-15. Good starter hosts.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Better for new business web sites.

Follow the links in this article for details, and buyer education. My goal is to help you find the right, affordable web hosting plan for you.

What are the different kinds of affordable web hosting? It depends on what you mean by ”affordable.” Even many businesses pay only US $5-15 for web hosting, each month! So, if US $2 and upwards is affordable web hosting according to your budget, you’re fine.

Shared hosting plans are the usual choice for those who ”just need a web site.” If you don’t have a tech budget or tech skills, look for hosts that offer web page builders, app installers or other easy tools along with their affordable web hosting plans.
A VPS is an affordable hosting option. A VPS offers more control, for those with novice-or-better experience in web host usage. If a shared plan is too restrictive, a VPS gives you affordable access to much more control, over small-/medium-business-grade hosting.

If you need it to be absolutely free, you can read between the lines, in my articles about ”Cheap Web Hosting” and “WordPress Web Hosting.” To learn more about the digital service market you’ll shop-around in, read ”Web Hosting Providers.” To see why some web gurus stick with the biggest, best-known companies, read ”Top Web Hosts.”

Costs: Web hosting is either paid-for monthly, or you can get a discount by buying in batches of months. Low-end business hosting costs only US $15-30. For many businesses, nearly-all personal sites, and most clubs or local-interest groups, there’s no question of ”affordable” – web hosting with moderate tech features and good capacity can be found for US $2-5 per month very easily.

Don’t forget the domain name! Don’t forget that a domain name, aka, also costs money. You pay for the domain in cycles of one to ten years; they cost about US $6-20 per year; many companies discount longer commitments.

I explain more about the costs, and decision-making factors, for various kinds of web hosting, in other parts of this website, Make sure, as you shop for affordable web hosting, you save the extra money that comes from being a smart shopper! To that end, I recommend you continue reading, starting with my comments on cheap web hosting, WordPress web hosting, and shared web hosting.