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Price: $4.09
Storage: Unlimited
Traffic: Unlimited

For a yearly price that beats most comparable offers, FatCow gives you drag-n-drop site building tools, and a full suite of other relevant gadgets. Your site will be protected against the injection of malware, hijacking for spam purposes, and technical glitches. FatCow’s data connection is top notch, with multiple connections to backbone providers. Your web sites will be blazing fast, and protected from intrusion, while you roll-out e-commerce and other tools with automated script installers.



Based in San Diego? No. Located in Massachussets, this host is not local.



FatCow’s web hosting is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, but you’ll probably never think about that again, after the sale. That’s because FatCow’s web servers sit on multiple connections, some of them fiber optic, and are configured into cloud-style clusters for maximum performance. Everything is load-balanced, and protected by two layers of firewalls, for security and stability even under heavy load


Money Back Guarantee

As with any good host, FatCow provides a “30 day” money back guarantee. There are some nonrefundable fees, though, that you won’t get back if you choose to leave FatCow right after you pay them (like fees for services beyond a selected plan or costs paid to third party providers), but that’s the common practice among hosting services. Some hosts won’t let you take your domain name with you when you leave, but FatCow allows you to keep your domain name (you will just get the fee for it redacted from the refund).


Ease of Use

FatCow implements what is probably the most common solution in the hosting industry – cPanel. It is one of the easiest hosting control panels to use and you’ll have no problem finding everything you need. You can also easily do a search to get exactly what you want.




Technical Support

FatCow’s customer support is available to its web hosting customers 24/7. The company has been in business since 1998, and works hard to ensure each customer gets the most out of FatCow’s hosting plans. Expect friendly, effective responses to help you with every problem, and hold times that won’t sink your work day. This hard-working, Earth-friendly green web host company has proven themsevles for over 13 years to be a very dependable business.



FatCow Web Hosting is a full-service, world-worthy provider with a lot to brag about. They compete, feature for feature, at the top tier of the web hosting market. And they do it all while supporting both breast cancer awareness, and the environment. They’ve earned an EPA Green Power Partner rating with their entirely wind-powered server farm, and assembled an exceptional service package, offered for just dollars per month.

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