Best Web Hosting Reviews, Comparison & Ratings

Get the right web hosting plan, at the right price, on the first try. How?

Compare web hosting plans before you buy. Know what kinds of hosting fit your needs. Understand the value of free web hosting extras, which you might (or might not) be offered based on price point, plan type, and how savvy each web host is.

This website is dedicated to San Diego people and businesses who feel like they’re wasting money and time, because they picked the wrong web hosting solution.

I’ll help you:

  • Learn which hosting plans fit your needs today.
  • Compare companies offering a variety of hosting plans.
  • Choose hosts matching your web sites’ ongoing needs.

Web hosting sales staff don’t always know the technical details of their companies’ hosting plans. So, they can’t always provide a helpful consultation to save you from wasted money, unplanned costs, and missed time lines.

My goal in building is to quickly teach you how to buy the best web hosting plan for you, on the first try. Here’s what I think web hosting customers need to know:


  • Which web hosting companies can be trusted?
  • Which reseller hosting companies are affordable?
  • Which companies have versatile web hosting plans?


  • How do I read the alphabet soup of web hosting plans?
  • What should I expect from different types and costs of plans?
  • What bundles, extras, and support might my web host offer?

Those two main resources here are combined as one page per topic. The topics are meant to explain hosting to you, from whatever perspective you’re approaching it. That’s why my categories are a mix:

  • Use-based topics like WordPress or reseller programs;
  • Topics on seeking cheap hosting, vs paying for business class web hosting;
  • Actual types of web hosting plans, like ”shared,” ”VPS,” and ”dedicated.”

So, if you know San Diegans who complain that they bought the wrong web hosting plan, ask them to describe in one word: ”What kind of web hosting do you need?” And then show them how I explain that type of hosting, at And if you wish I’d thought of another angle to cover it from, contact me and say so!

See the topics in the Categories menu, or look below for the latest web host reviews.

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