Wordpress Web Hosting

Wordpress Web Hosting can be easy, or it can be highly technical. WordPress is the

current ”hot app” for launching and running a website yourself. Almost any web host can

run WordPress. The problem, however, is this: anybody can use WordPress, but installing

and setting-up web apps, requires techie skill.

Or, rather, it used to…

Many companies automate the set-up using app installers, nowadays. This kind of WordPress

web hosting is the best kind for businesses – you get all the control of your own web

host, without the initial expense of hiring a techie to install WordPress.

Why buy WordPress web hosting: First, ”WordPress web hosting” can mean one of two


1. Just a site that has the technical capacity WordPress needs, or;
2. All that plus an app installer, which puts WordPress on the host cleanly for you,

sparing you the most tech-intensive steps.

For anyone who needs the advice of my website, I recommend the latter. If you can get a

good deal on a web hosting plan with app installers that install WordPress, and the

provider and plan get good reviews, setting up will be a breeze.

What to expect: WordPress web hosting options come in two varieties: Either they have an

app installer that’s WordPress-enabled, or they don’t. The installer may be excellent or

basic, but either you’ll spend time in file transfers and command consoles, or you won’t.

Unless you’re certain you need extreme customization, choose a web hosting plan that

installs WordPress for you.

You will need to spend an hour or so, learning and customizing, after installing WordPress

to your hosting account. You’ll find it very easy to add content to your site, organize

it, and flesh out your homepage. Precision, however, and tasks like template

customization and plug-in use, takes a little longer to learn. As with all popular

software, WordPress users have posted and blogged much useful information about their

questions and answers on hosting the app.

Costs: Occasionally, if a web hosting provider create their own, proprietary app

installer, they will charge extra for it. Check the reputation, look at screenshots or

the manual – make sure that installer is worth extra money. Many hosts offer ”perfectly

adequate” systems for installing WordPress on your web host, free with all VPN plans.

If a ”perfectly awesome” installer can put WordPress on your web host somehow better

than the free-included installers, for a reasonable extra price, that’s nice – if it’s

true. However, a techie would install WordPress to a web host for a fairly modest price –

so, if your monthly hosting costs go up, just so you can access an app installer once, it

may be worth continuing to shop around.

Be wary of Pro Installers: App installers are a new technology in the world of web

hosting, and a hot selling point for people who launch websites often. Make sure any

supposedly-”deluxe” installers you pay into are the kind that make it easier for you,

instead of being geared to mass-install WordPress for a different type of web hosting