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This San Diego based host raises the bar on both value and service! With your first year free (you must sign up for a 3 year package) imSMB gives you more value than almost any other host. We did the math and found out imSMB beats most 3 year offers by an average of $20.00. But value aside, imSMB gives you a full suite of tools to work with including a website builder, script installers, and advertising credits. 24/7 support gives you a helping hand if you need it, but you won’t need much with the way this host has configured their service.



Based in San Diego? Yes. A big plus for San Diego businesses, imSMB is based in San Diego.

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imSMB provides it’s clients with access to a Public Network with capacity of over 150+ Gbps and 10 Gbps between network layers. Featuring all-Cisco equipment, the network is designed to scale and above all else be reliable and resilient no matter what is thrown it’s way. The network’s performance speaks for itself, maintaining 100% uptime for the last 3 years in a row. We have been using the Alerta service to monitor uptime and the results are quite admirable.




imSMB’s network services are monitored 24/7. This means if there is an issue, engineers will fix the problem quickly. The servers are solid and run with a lot of memory and cpu availability making sites speedy.


Money Back Guarantee

As with any good host, imSMB provides a “30 day” money back guarantee. There are some nonrefundable fees, though, that you won’t get back if you choose to leave imSMB right after you pay them (like fees for services beyond a selected plan or costs paid to third party providers), but that’s the common practice among hosting services. Some hosts won’t let you take your domain name with you when you leave, but imSMB allows you to keep your domain name (you will just get the fee for it redacted from the refund).


Ease of Use

imSMB implements what is probably the most common solution in the hosting industry – cPanel. It is one of the easiest hosting control panels to use and you’ll have no problem finding everything you need. You can also easily do a search to get exactly what you want. The script installers are easy to use. You can have a WordPress website up in minutes.




Technical Support

One of the most important features of a host is their level of technical support. In the case of imSMB it’s noteworthy. They feature phone support, live chat, and ticketing. The staff are all polite, quick to assist, and willing to help. What’s even more important is that imSMB has staff on hand who are web designers and programmers meaning if you have a problem with your website (that’s not hosting related) you can pay them to assist with fixing it. That’s a huge help if you’re not a web designer yourself.



With all the features it has to offer, imSMB is definitely the first choice for going online with your small business or personal website. Very few, if any, other hosting providers can beat it’s service level. About 99% of clients will be satisfied with what they get at these moderate prices, but if you go beyond the usual requirements imSMB will be glad to offer you options for VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Those businesses not into coding and designing will find website building tools and one click solutions available, while technically savvy users will enjoy the ability to customize cron jobs, Apache, and PHP Scripts. Anyone starting an online business will find it usefull to get their $100 in Google Adwords Credits and other free promo tools.

In any event, trying this hosting service is worth your time, and even if you don’t like it (which we doubt), you can take advantage of the money back guarantee.

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