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Webhostingpad is one of the newer generations of web hosts. Sometimes old dogs struggle with new tricks, and the web is constantly refreshing its technologies. So, when Webhostingpad hit the scene, combining next generation tools and competitive prices, the budget web hosting market became very interesting. Since then, Webhostingpad has kept pressure on the competition, by keeping its customers, and earning rave reviews.



Based in San Diego? No. This host is located in Buuffalo Grove, IL.



Webhostingpad provides it’s clients with access to a Public Network with capacity of over 150+ Gbps and 10 Gbps between network layers. Featuring all-Cisco equipment, the network is designed to scale and above all else be reliable and resilient no matter what is thrown it’s way. The network’s performance speaks for itself, maintaining 100% uptime for the last 3 years in a row. We have been using the Alerta service to monitor uptime and the results are quite admirable.



Webhostingpad’s network services are monitored 24/7. This means if anything occurs, engineers will fix the problem in no time. On the whole, the company’s servers seem very reliable. Backups are provided as a free feature and are available at any time.


Money Back Guarantee

As with any good host, Webhostingpad provides a “30 day” money back guarantee. There are some nonrefundable fees, though, that you won’t get back if you choose to leave Webhostingpad right after you pay them (like fees for services beyond a selected plan or costs paid to third party providers), but that’s the common practice among hosting services. Some hosts won’t let you take your domain name with you when you leave, but Webhostingpad allows you to keep your domain name (you will just get the fee for it redacted from the refund).


Ease of Use

Webhostingpad spared no expense when preparing cPanel for its customers. As a modular web hosting control panel, cPanel is your web hosting desktop, letting you control every aspect of your site with intuitive, powerful tools. Webhostingpad customers definitely get to see cPanel at its best. All the usual features are there – statistics, file managers, database and email controls, etc – plus the Fantastico application installer, and RVsitebuilder. These two tools help you start any kind of website quickly, by installing popular systems like WordPress and Joomla, or by dressing up your simple website ideas and publishing them in record time.


Technical Support

Webhostingpad isn’t the fastest support team, but they’re close enough – and the quality and tone of their response is top notch. Phone calls are answered by live reps within five minutes, emails are answered within 30 minutes. The team behind it all sleeps well at night, knowing they’ve earned awards year after year for web hosting support that shines!



Webhostingpad’s superior infrastructure, and next-generation web hosting toolkit, also add up to a rich package for a small price. Customers get a large allowance for data, email accounts, databases, and domains per host. Their budget web hosting plans are some of the cheapest on the market to also include automatic installation of WordPress and other web platforms.

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